Monday, April 13, 2015

5 Ways Xcelerated Training is Different and Better than Other Gyms in Nashville, TN.

There are 5 important ways Xcelerated Training stands apart from other gyms. These five things make Xcelerated Training different and better than any other gym in Nashville:

  1. When it comes to health, we take a holistic approach- training, nutrition and mindset.I believe that you can't have one without the other, therefore, I take serious the condition of our clients mindset. Whether things go downhill or uphill, it all starts with your mindset.
    Your nutrition is responsible for 80% of your body composition. No matter how much or how hard you train, your body won't meet your desire if nutrition isn't minded.
    Losing weight through nutrition is great, but without a sound strength training regimen you won't be able to shape and get that sculpted, sexy figure.

  2. Everything we do is backed up by science and not fads.There are so many solutions out there that are here today and gone tomorrow. That's what you call a fad. Unfortunately, many fitness professionals and gyms have adopted these unsound and unfounded fads and are leading clients on wild goose chase to their dream body.
    We make sure that everything we recommend and advise is backed up by science, meaning that it has already been shown several times to be effective. We have no desire to waste our clients time and energy going nowhere and getting zero results.

  3. The experience is more important than the amenities.
    It's the equipment in the gym that makes is great and memorable. It's the people, environment, and methodology that makes it golden.

  4. We don't do do-it-yourself fitness. The success of each client is a part of our business plan.

  5. Our focus is about how much we can sell you, but is about how we can change your life.

Xcelerated Training is not to a cookie-cutter form of fitness. We try to be unique, give you something different, and make you fall in love living a healthy lifestyle. We wouldn't do what we do if we were offering the same as other gyms.  


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