About Us

Why Xcelerated Training...

My name is Rickey Taylor. I am personal trainer in Nashville and owner of  Xcelerated Training.

Growing up in an environment where a big portion of the population were overweight influenced me to make fitness and personal training my business.

Through the years of studying people and health, I came to the realization that working out and eating healthy wasn't something that you do sometimes or something that was an esoteric activity that's only practiced by the rich.

On top of that, I was unwilling to get boxed in how the endless commercial gyms limit a trainer's tools for clients results. I had the idea to start Xcelerated Training, a place where we would always innovate, explore and bring the best care to our clients so we could do what we've been paid to do- getting our clients xcelerated results!

Consequently, my objective became clear.

Through my studies(and continued studies) and application, I've developed the right tools for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle to have that ultimate body and health we all seek.

Xcelerated Training has all the instruments – whether it be how to weight train and do your cardio more efficiently, what and when to eat for ideal fat loss, how to recover, which supplements work and which ones don’t, how to sleep better, and most importantly – how to make this all happen in your busy life.

When you're not working out, you can keep in touch with us and our members on our Facebook page, sign up to one of our special programs for more motivation, enter one of our competitions, or read the latest health information on our blog!

No more wasting your time at the gym with subpar results to show for it. No more confusing nutrition – or worse, being hungry. Eat better, get stronger and get leaner – I'm here to help make it happen for you. Get ready to get into the best shape of your life in Xcelerated time!

I set the bar high for myself and my clients.