Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nashville Personal Trainer | 5 Tips to Take Your Results to the Next Level

5 tips to take your results to the next level before you go crazy.

Let's forgo the preamble & four play and jump right into them.

  1. Raise Your Protein and Lower Carbs- specifically when you're not training.
    When you raise your protein intake, your appetite will be more tamed, therefore, you'll eat less calories; hormones will be more balanced; also, your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn fat) while be greater while you're resting.

  2. Perform fasted HIIT.
    Counting calories and macros alone will put you at a disadvantage in the pursuit of leanness. What you want to do is combine that proper nutrition and training with someReal Deal, Holyfield cardio in order to use your fat as fuel first. Fasted HIIT can do that. However, it's not something to be abused. Start out at once a week: wake up, have some coffee or green tea, go to a hill or cardio apparatus and sprint as hard as you possibly can for 30 sec and rest for 60 sec. Repeat 7 times. Combine this with your resistance training and nutrition and you'll be looking like Superhero pretty darn soon.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Nashville Personal Trainer | Move Towards the Resistance

Hey hey- did you miss me??

I want to start by giving thanks to the Summer. We had a good time together and was able to shine bright at many points.

If you didn't get all you wanted to get done this Summer, then you still have an opportunity during this Fall Equinox.

For some of you, coming off summer can be a bit of a shock to your system.

With leaves falling from the trees, cooler temperatures, eventually shorter days etc., a few tired faces will appear.

On the flip side, fall is the time when everything produces its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.

And that's potentially true for you as well.

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