Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nashville Personal Trainer | 8 Training Secrets

We established that busting your butt is the “secret sauce” to all results.

That's easy to say but not so easy to do a lot of times. It's a daily, minute by minute battle.

You probably even get a little knot in your stomach whenever you think about it.

That scary, unknown feeling of, What exactly am I supposed to working hard at everyday?”

  1. You should be training each bodypart at least 2 times a week. You can do that by doing full body workouts 2-3x. Save the once-a-week training for steroid users.
  2. When the numbers aren't moving, don't start adding more workouts. Instead, challenge yourself more in the workouts of the regime you're already on. The next time you workout, you should be working harder. That means more resistance, or a more challenging variation of an exercise, or less rest time.
    More challenging stimulates change.

  3. Weight is only loss when you eat less or burn more calories. The easiest and most efficient way is through cutting calories (eating less). That involves tracking. It's THE most effective way method.
  4. Food quality matters. Ban a lot of that processed food from your diet. Don't let programs like Weight Watchers think that quality doesn't matter. Whole foods first, supplements second
  5. Wait longer. As you get leaner, you're going to lose fat at a slower rate. Sometimes you may lose 1 lb a week and sometimes it's only .5 lb a week. Trying to speed things up usually ruins the recipe.
  6. Do low-intensity cardio. I'm talking walking, cycling, frisbee, paddleboarding, etc. Depending on how much you weigh, you can easily burn over 300 calories by brisk walking for an hour straight.
  7. As a supplement to help fat loss, try caffeine. Contrary to it's bad name, caffeine increase adrenaline levels, fat burning, circulation, and metabolic rate. NOT CALLING IT MAGIC PILL, but it's cheap, safe and easily available. About 2-3 cups of coffee is good. Caffeine is especially good before your workout.
  8. Keep in mind that you must make a change and do it forever.

Everything else outside of that, including what I put out, are details on all the above.

Sometimes we have to tweak things. For example, in terms of of fat loss and fat gain, women tend to have it worse.

This is because of things like:
  • women (in general) being less active in day to day life outside of workouts
  • women's bodies prefer to store dietary fat (fat that you eat) into the fat cells instead of burning it off
  • in response to dieting and exercise, women's bodies fight back through appetite increases.
  • Due to stress, mentrual cycle, and plateaus, women's bodies are prone to water retention which masks true fat loss

Things like that have to be addressed, but only after you work hard on the above. Nothing else matters until you conquer the basics.

Let's do it.



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