Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nashville Personal Trainer | The 2 Commandmants

Hey hey friend. It's yours' truly again.

I first want to apologize for the hiatus.

I had to take some time off to apply some TLC to my work. Things were getting just redundant and draining, to the point that my growth became stagnant.

And that's exactly what happened. (Got a little fluffy in my midsection as well)

That's happened to you before too, right?

Your life becomes a roller coaster making that fire go out and your passion vanishes.

It's easy to become trapped in a state of, “I don't give a s*** ” and actually start going backwards.

Ever had one of those weekends filled with eating whatever and being a lush? No exercise, no water, no goal keeping. And then Monday morning rolls around, and you step on the scale expecting to see a huge, SCARY increase that would kick some sense in you to put you back on track.

And what you do see? Your weight didn't budge. “Whew! I dodged a bullet.”

But wait! Don't get too excited because that's something that can trick you into thinking that having those kind of weekends are actually OK to do.

It's not.

You feel like slug, have no energy and no desire to do anything.

It's time to get back to it TODAY. You can either go down with the ship, or fight for air.

It's the only thing we can control: pulling ourselves up through the sheer force of will.

There's no secret. The only secret is butt-busting work over a period of time.

But take it one day at a time and follow the 2 commandments in the meantime:

Thou shall not mess around.
Thou shall not be a wimp.

Thou shall not mess around.
Stop wasting time. Stop skipping workouts. Stop looking for shortcuts in the form of pills, pieces of equipment, or some special clothing.

Drugs are the only shortcut. But with that comes other baggage.

Value your time and take it seriously. You're only getting WORSE by wasting it.

Thou shall not be a wimp.
But what if it doesn't work and I waste all that time and money?”  “But I'll get all sweaty and tired.” And on and on and on.

Accept this truth: it takes time for a program to work, and most of the time in the beginning, it's going to take some tweaks to get it just right for you.

You may hit a wall and you will get uncomfortable. But in your consistant butt-busting, you WILL hit an oil well that will reward you exponentially with results.

But if you're just going to be a wimp and not get to work, you WILL be screwed.

A guy can't become a champion boxer if he's scared to get hit. Nor can he play football if he's scared to get tackled.

Getting uncomfortable is a part of this game. Let's start playing.

The Legend of You isn't going to write itself. So pick up your proverbial pen and begin writing today or pick up where you left off and continue your story.




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